My Name is Frank Waive,
Am a Web Designer in Nigeria,
I Design WEBSITES, web & software applications that would help achieve your business objectives, increase sales and return of investment (ROI).

Web Design Nigeria: Getting a website is quite easy, only 4 steps are required, too many people are scared of the whole concept because they think its cumbersome expensive and stressful. Here are the four(4) basic steps required (from my perspective) in getting a website. here’s How to get a website:

Find a Web designer/developer
It is important you do this first before jumping to the last two steps, I’ve met clients who did this last and till today, they’re regretting their actions. Meeting a web designer/developer first can save you a lot of stress and money, the web designer/developer would help to guide you decipher what you really need for your company/ business/ church as the case may be. The web designer/developer would also give you options as regards hosting and web technologies to be used, giving you the downside and upside for each option for you to make a choice. This step alone would shape the entire process, it would help you get an estimate of the total cost, information required and the roles you need to play in the whole process find out more
Over the years, I’ve been asked this same question over and over again, how do I decide which web designer to hire/employ? I’ve given several answers to this question both to prospective clients, organizations looking to hire a full-time web designer staff and other web workers.
The web design Nigeria market is quite crowded, with about 80% of the available options lacking the required skill and character set.

Here’s how I can help you
You could hire me! – Over the years, I’ve acquired the skill and character set required as stated above for web design projects, I would offer reliable business partnerships.
Free Consultation- I can also provide you with free consultation if you want.